Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Raggio Custom Calls handmade?

Yes. Every calls handmade either at my Raymond, MS shop or in the new Mobile Duck Call Shop using the finest grade woods available.

How can I order a call?

As a one man show, I stay perpetually behind. Hand-making anything is a process that takes time. Please contact me via email to inquire about getting your call ordered. My current backlog is approximately 9-11 months. I appreciate everyone's understanding and patience with the process. (Books are currently closed. I will announce on the website when they reopen.)

Are visitors welcome at the Raymond, MS shop?

Yes! I encourage folks to schedule times to visit either shop. I spend the majority of the year at my home shop in Mississippi. To get the full experience, you're welcome to come pick out your wood blank and, if you can stay a few hours, I'll turn and tune your call specifically for you while you're there.

Can I get my call retuned?

Absolutely! Everyone presents air into a call differently therefore, everyones call is tuned unique to them. Every call that leave the shop is tuned to my liking, however, it might not be to yours. You can always send it back and have it tuned to blow lighter or heavier to your preference.

Do you accept wood blanks?

Short answer, NO. I adopted this policy early on. There are many factors that go into finding good wood blanks that are usable for turning a quality call. Factors such as moisture content, dimensions, stabilization process, etc. determine whether a blank is suitable or not for turning. There are also some unknowns when turning wood. A blank may look solid and perfect on the outside, but once it's turned down, internal checks or cracks are revealed. Sometimes this are manageable, sometimes not. I'd much rather this happen to one of my blanks than a customer's.